Montana Automatic Position Reporting System


Spring Gathering in Billing April 2 full story...

Current Montana Path Settings are WIDE3-3 full story...

MTAPRS is shutting down. 05/10/2017

MTAPRS is shutting down. There are enough others that can take care of APRS in the area. This turn of events that happend during my illness is for the better for the Billings and Montana area.

I would suggest anyone in the Billings area contact KG7QHP, Brice Ligget for assistance.

MTAPRS leaves APRS2.NET 7/31/2009

MTAPRS has left the APRS2.NET network. There are two stable severs on the aprs2 network that server the Northwestern area. They are T2USANW( and T2OREGON( With these two addition the usage of T2MONTANA has depreciated and any reason to continue with the aprs2 network.

MTAPRS will continue to serve the Billings, Montana community and those who wish to connect, but with not as a part of the aprs2 network. It is reachable at Vaild ports are veiw able at

APRS Settings 5/1/2005

The APRS community has been discussing new setting for quite some time. These discussion have come to a consensus creating new path settings for operating the APRS stations. The term used to describe these new setting is "Paradigm". There is a hope to have the new setting in place by May 30, 2005. You can read about the new settings at NWAPRS Paradigm .

Dave does indicate the following suggestion for Montana:

Jim, I think MT would be fine with adopting WIDE3-3 across the state, and have mobiles use WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2. It's up to you folks how you want to adopt the settings. Thanks for the comments. Dave

Spring Gathering III - April 2, 2005

We had 25 hams in attendance for our 3rd Annual Spring Gathering held in Billings, MT this past Saturday the 2nd of April. It's growing!

We discussed operating software, new settings for digis, fixed stations, weather stations, and mobiles, including "dumb trackers". Discussed the need for a few more digi's, and location of some digi's that will be installed this spring.

Thanks to all of those that made the trek to Billings, we had hams from Great Falls, Helena, Dillon, Miles City, allot from around the Billings area, and to our great neighbors from Wyoming,... Sheridan, Gillette, and Powell.

73, Rex, KI0BJ

Point Six near Missoula UP 2/15/2005

The W7PX-10 Node is now showing up an the Montana APRS system. Congratulations to the Hellgate Amateur Radio Club for their fine work. It is being seen at K7MT and N7VMR-1 IGates. It will allow more stations in the Missoula to have connectivity to the APRS Network.

New server installed

A new server for Montana APRS network has been installed and is now operational. It will support more connections and provides filtered ports for local use. Please see the Port descriptions on the left Navigation strip for more information on their use. All connections should be to This should improve the reliability and provide greater user flexibility.

More Site on Western Part of State up

Thanks to efforts by K7MT and N7YET, we have new sites at Dillion and Butte on the western end of the state. W7PAQ and W7XY are working together to provide connectivity to the Missoula and Bitterroot Valley Area.

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